We can help you finish your quilts!

Do you have unfinished quilt tops or quilts? We provide many services to help you finish them! And, we can create beautiful custom t-shirt, memory, and baby quilts for you.

We can help you finish your quilts by sewing beautiful patterns using a longarm quilting machine.  The longarm machine combines the creativity of hand quilting with increased control and efficiency. 

Many quilters don't complete their quilts because it's difficult to fit the quilt top, batting and backing "sandwich" into the small sewing space on their home sewing machine.  The longarm machine solves this problem. 

How to prepare your quilt top for longarm quilting?

Simply provide your pieced top, quilt back, and batting (optional) as three separate pieces.  They should not be basted together.

Also, your quilt back and batting should be at least 6" larger than your quilt top on all four sides.  The extra length is used to attach your quilt back to the longarm frame and the extra width allows us to baste the sides of your quilt.